Incentive Publications

I've Got It! Reading & Literature

Book + eBook


by Frank, Marjorie & Norris, Jill

Product Series: I've Got It!
Page Count: 96
Grade Level: MG
ISBN / IP #: 9780865305229 / IP700-1

Document your students’ progress. Each book in the I’ve Got It! Series is based on a list of 35 skills that represent mastery of a particular subject matter. The books include two reproducible, easy-to-use assessment tasks for each of the 35 skills. The tasks, each just a single page, begin with a basic knowledge question and move to higher-level questions that require students to apply the skill and think critically. This is just the resource youneed for formative and common assessment, re- and post-tests, quick checkups, or standardized test prep. Each assessment task is correlated to state as well as national standards.


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