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Incentive's Common Core Titles! Bundled together!


These Math and Language Arts activity books are full of engaging puzzles, stories, and adventures to explore as the students practice skills that are all aligned with the Common Core State Standards.   These supplemental activities are perfect for reinforcing specific skills that may be difficult for some students to master.  Ideal for differentiated instruction in a classroom with varying skill levels among the students. Also included are formative assessments and a complete activity correlation of the Math and English Language Common Core State Standards.  Perfect for transitioning from individual State Standards to the Common Core. Grades 1-5.


Motivational lessons, practice and discussion starters sharpen the focus on the connection between comprehension of text and the acquisition of knowledge.  These activities are specifically aligned with fifth grade Common Core English Language Arts and Literacy State Standards.  All standards are listed and correlated with each activity, including these topics and more: key ideas, details, craft and structure, integration of knowledge and ideas with a range of reading and level of text complexity.  Reading, writing, speaking and listening skills are incorporated into the lessons throughout the book.  Assessments are included to measure student’s strengths and weaknesses in each major skill area so teachers can differentiate instruction.  Perfect for the busy teacher who is transitioning to the Common Core State Standards.