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Taming of the Team

by Jack Berckemeyer

Book + eBook


Getting the best out of students is made easier by using teaming to nurture their educational, emotional, social, and developmental needs, and this guide is a blueprint for teambuilding in any school setting. True stories and practical strategies make this an effective and entertaining tool for assembling and managing a team within a professional learning community. It includes a dynamic “3-5-3 Action Plan” for improving student behavior, as well as tips for using teams to address Common Core State Standards. The book guides teams through resolving conflicts, planning ahead and preventing time wasting, setting consistent expectations for students, and connecting curriculum, instruction, and calendar schedules. It is a helpful combination of humor and instruction that will help any school with teambuilding.




Author: Jack Berckemeyer
Page Count: 176
ISBN: 9781629500027

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