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Common Core Math Grade 7

by Marjorie Frank

Book + eBook


Attention parents and educators: are you ready to take control of the Common Core State Standards? This is the series for you!

Covering language and math for grades 1 through 8, and packed with activities designed to engage students, this comprehensive collection is ideal for both home and classroom use. Perfect for parents and educators seeking to understand and navigate the Common Core standards and their implementation, each book in this series is organized according to specific grade level standards. Easy-to-read tables clearly define each standard and are correlated to supporting content. Every activity page is clearly labeled with the corresponding standard.

Activities in this series support Common Core lessons, including:

  • Operations with fractions and integers
  • Equivalent expressions
  • Solving and representing inequalities
  • Geometric figures and the relationships between them
  • Random sampling to draw inferences


Author: Marjorie Frank
Grade Level: 7
Page Count: 144
ISBN: 9781629502373

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