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Teach Students to Manage Their Own Behavior: Engaging Literacy Experiences About Real-Life Issues: The School Dayz Program

by Ron Klemp

Book + eBook


Teach Students to Manage Their Own Behavior explores a new approach to discipline in the classroom by encouraging students to explore issues before they erupt into troubling behavior.


Interactive discussion modules present real school-life vignettes in a proactive effort to understand and discuss common student behavioral problems. Through engagement with each narrative, students reflect on and solve problems of behavior, social issues, and social interactions that fill their daily lives. Such issues include bullying, cheating, peer pressure, fear, discrimination, and self-destructive behavior. Students are able to connect the narrative stories with their own experiences, reflect on their own attitudes and behaviors, analyze the issue, discuss underlying causes of the behaviors, and recommend solutions. In the process, students grow in self-control, self-esteem, respectful behavior, and connection with others. 




Author: Ron Klemp
Page Count: 168
ISBN: 9781629500188

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